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Alexander Irondeath (Original name unknown) is believed to be the leader of the remaining citizens and forces of the Russian federation, and the commander of the EESF.

Irondeath a master of warfare and leadership, he himself saved the surviving Russian citizens from the fires of the apocalypse, and today serves as their leader and protector from the horrors of the wastelands.

Alexander Irondeath







Ethnical Background:




Full Name:

Alexander Vladimir Irondeath

Home City:



Emperor of Russian Federation


Supreme General


EESF (empires elite special forces) Russian military


His FatherEdit

Irondeath was born to a Russian family in Vladivostok, but he was no normal child. His father Voka Martov, was a biologically modified to be stronger, faster and even more silent than any other human ever made, the perfect killer. These attributed passed on to Alex

Irondeath's father set out to become an assassin, and in the 1980's when the USSR disbanded Voka and left him to settle down. At the age of 40 Voka and his wife decided to have a child. This was strongly disapproved by the Russian scientist Dr Sergei, who was Voka's genetical engineer, Sergei almost adamant that Voka's superhuman abilities it would cause mutations in his child. Voka, however ignored this, and but did it anyway.

Birth and Early LifeEdit

On the first of August 1995 Alexander was born healthy child, with only a few minor flaws (still unknown to this day). He grew, and learned extrondinarily fast, At the age of 14 he had left school to join the BM (black market). He later continued on to forming the assults on small islands. After being in the BM for 5 years he had designed a suit of armor, him calling it "Bloodshedder Mk1".


In the year 2020 Alex stet out to set up the ESF (elite special forces) witch later became know as the EESF (empires elite special forces) becoming part of the Russian military. The EESF was set up within the BM and was given a lot of money to turn it in to a PMC there soldiers where the best of the best and most where X Spetsnaz and SAS soldiers.

By that time Alex had also known to have created a MK3 suit of armour. The Mk3 was a huge improvement from the Mk2 that it was said to be at least 200years ahead of it's time. The Mk 3 now has a longer battery life, a mini plutonium reactor, solar energy gathering and ditrilium armor. This suit of armor would become the standard issued armour of his high ranking officers and then all EESF soldiers.