The Anomoserpentus (or 'Strangla' as it is colloquialy called by Hunters) is a colossal serpent that inhabits the wastelands. Hunters have to be extremely cautious of any craters in the ground as the Anomoserpentus is known to lie in wait in craters until prey walks by. The hide of the beast is greatly prized as the skin of the Anomoserpentus is extremely resiliant and impervious to most projectile weapons. Hunters who wear cloaks of 'Strangla' Hide are greatly respected and are usually of a high rank or status.


It has been theorised by most Hunters that the Anomoserpentus is the result of the rapid evolution of the Anaconda. The creature is a constrictor but it also has hollow fangs that secret a neuro-toxic venom, this has led others to wonder if the beast is a decendant of the Taipan. They resemble an anaconda and are usually jet black or blood red in colour. Anomoserpentus range in size from 1 foot to 50 feet in length. The smallest Strangla's are only 1" in diamater but many older serpents can be as large as 2' in diamater.

The Anomoserpentus is omnivorus and will desolate crop fields of a village before they hunt the humans that live in the settlement. They will also hunt Tunnel Dwellers and the other viscious fauna that lurk in the wastes. They are a major threat to the food supplies of the major fortified cities as they will hunt livestock and the Hunters of that city.

They only have one occasional predator, Degoradons, which will attempt to hunt Strangla's when food is scarce. However, their have also been reports of collosal Anomoserpentus which have swallowed Degoradons whole. It has been noted that such events are rare and that these attacks only occur when an Anomoserpentus is protecting its young or its territory.

The Anomoserpentus is capable of swimming in bodies of fresh waters and has been known to attack boats and aquatic creatures. They can survive underwater for several weeks if they enter a dormant state. They will also use underground rivers as a means of travelling and use sub-terranian springs as dens for their eggs. This provides humans with an unexpected benifit as Tunnel Dwellers will not attempt to inhabit areas in which the Anomoserpentus frequently resides, this means that a spring that is home to a Strangla will stay clean an un-tainted until the creature moves on or dies.


The Anomoserpentus has an extremely defensive nature and they have been known to attack and kill lone Degoradons that have been hunting near their lairs.


Anomoserpentus has been associated with the legendary Leviathan and many cultists believe that the sign of the Anomserpentus is the sign of Armageddon and that Humanity has no chance of rebuilding it's fallen civilisation.