Base Fifty-One


10000 Humans; 2000 Manticore Battlesuits


Luna Auxillary Corps; Project Manticore

Pre-Fall Function

Lunar Base; Human Settlement; Research Centre

Post-Fall Function

The UILS Centre of Government; Research Centre


South-Eastern Tranquility region, The Moon


Lunar Defence Shield; Reinforced Titanium Construct; Shatter-Proof Glass

Base Fifty-One is a beacon of hope for the Lunites after the collapse of Human Civillisation throughout the Solar System. However, the goals which both the Lunites and Base Fifty-One are striving for will not bring good tidings to the rest of the Human Race, these aims will only benefit Luna.



Lunar Base Fifty-One was completed in 2513, thirteen years after the landmark Lunar Base Fifty had been established. The base was desiged to be a new home to the LDS and to be a scientific research base. In 2514, the entire LDS's nuclear arsenal was transfered to Base Fifty-One without public knowledge and the location of the base was not disclosed to the rest of the UILS (bar the government) in order to keep it secret. All new residents to the base were made to swear an oath of secrecy over the location and existence of the base. In 2521 a thermonuclear weapon was detonated in the North-East of the Sea of Tranquility; the UILS proceed to publicly decree that Lunar Base Fifty-One was lost during construction. This elaborate ruse kept the base both out of view and out of mind. In 2674 the base played a key role in the development of Project Manticore, providing several important parts and acting as a testing facility for the battlesuits. In 2745 the base undergoes a major expansion to allow for increased accomadation and for three new Agri-Domes to be constructed. The base is subject to a few minor expansions between 2793 and 2997. In 3017, as the first reports of major unrest on the Earth are recieved by the Lunites, the UILS decide to construct a contingency plan. These fears of a Terran invasion of the Moon convince the UILS to establish a secondary government on Base Fifty-One in 3018. The Secondary Government never weilds significant power until 3117, after Lunar Base One is destroyed.


After the complete annihilation of Lunar Base One, Base Fifty-One was ready take over control of the UILS; despite that the rest of the UILS was in extreme turmoil. The Secondary Government took command over the UILS on the 24th November 3117, only a day after the nuclear strikes. On the 2nd January 3118, Base Fifty-One released all information regarding it's "destruction", projects and purpose to the UILS's public. (It should be noted that this was done to gain the trust of the Lunites during this time of tragedy). At this current time, Base Fifty-One leads the other states in the rebuilding of the Union of Independant Lunar States.


Research and DevelopmentEdit