It is the year 3213, Earth has fallen. Death is all that remains. The apocalypse is over, and life itself now all but extinct. Only the very strongest struggle to survive in the cruel wastes, accompanied by only the echoes of a once great, proud civilisation. In the final days before world was swallowed up, the planet was slowly being scorched away by the greed of humanity, the starving, desperate remnants of the nation's armies fighting upon the barren earth stripped of nutrients and minerals, innocent men and women representing the leaders of the nations, bickering upon each other, all oblivious to the ever-increasing chaos around them. Now, the last surviving humans are denying their sadness and lost hope, deciding to spend all their energy to rebuild humanity, but are ever threatened by the constant shadow of mutated and misshapen horrors of the wastelands. An epic struggle as brave new heros and rogues alike battle with the twisted mutant horrors of the scorched Earth.


Protester in the halls of Arcos City, complaining about humanity and how they made earth fall

Earth- Post Fall
Earth (1)

Average Temperature

17 degrees Celsius

Human Population Size

An estimated 6 billion people

Pre-Apocalypse Function:

Human birthworld and economics centre


Arcos City (unofficial, declared after Fall)


33.33% land, 21% mountains, 3% woodland and jungle, 44% open (plains and desert), 66.66% water, 17% polar ice.

Average rainful


Main Threats

Marauders, native animals and horrors

World Map Edit


Earth, year 3213