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Falcrom (Fall-crum) was the last known location of the mighty Watikari tribe.The name of Falcrom comes from the name of the city's founder,Abraham Horwitz's, commander. Horwitz's named the city this because he felt it a tribute to the one man who took his views seriously back when he was in the S.S.R.U.


The town was founded off a previous city known as Wordsworth but after the city was destroyed and pillaged, the Watikari took refuge in the city's huge walls. Falcrom played a key role in the war of the Zarthon and the Fazzari as it has supplied both sides with a place of hospitality. Falcrom was eventually destroyed by the Fazzari during the battle of Argenthraught but it's ruins still stand as a sign of the great culture of the Watikari that would eventually inspire the council of the Warshfur. In it's prime Falcrom served as a place were only the truly fearless would venture as it's surrounding tribes would often scare away the weak, but Falcrom's residents are humble and are far more hospitiable. But Falcrom's true shining point was it's Oasis Garden, the Oasis Garden being the only source of water within a hundred miles. But the fountain of the Oasis Garden now runs dry and most of the life surrounding it has died. Falcrom's ruins now serve as the base for the city of Currinsworth.