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The Fazzari tribe or in tribal tongue "The Fierce" is a tribe of savage,barbaric

bandits who came from several different gangs throughout the Black desert that eventually merged to increase their population. The 4 leaders of the tribe are known as the Alpha Fazzari and are merely ceremonial as the Fazzari's society resembles no more than anarchy. The Alpha Fazzari are instantly recognisable in combat as they often wear a large, vibrantly coloured, feathered headdress, as a result of this most opponents of the Fazzari know to fear the sight of this headdress, spawning the phrase "Beware the bird of battle, as it brings only bad news".

All of the Fazzari are direct descendants of the 4 founding gangs, this direct connection between all of the Fazzari means that inbreeding is a very common practice but even more so than in other tribes as the Fazzari view anyone outside of the Fazzari as foul scum of the wastes. The main camp of the tribe resides adjacent to the Green lake meaning that radiation is a common factor to the Fazzari's survival. The tribe has built up a larger resistance to radiation and as a collective has a much more stronger immune system than most humans, this would probably be due to the poor living conditions of the Fazzari. Despite all of these factors working against the Fazzari, they are still the most successful of the 5 tribes of the Black desert. The tribe gained this position from raiding trade caravans and by ambushing squads of S.S.R.U troops. While most of the tribes eventually withered away and joined common civilisation after the great battle of Argenthraught, the Fazzari still remain in the Black desert but on a much larger scale and with wiser leadership.