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The Grey Patriots is a genetically modified Unit comprising of 5 men who would risk their lives in order to save others when faced with danger. The Genetics in their blood acts like a stimulant which boosts their speed and Strength they were first released into the Apocalyptic world from a secret base in central America, they all have at least 1 artificial limb. By their sacrifices to save the lives of many once a company of over 200 is now only limited down to 5.


  • Lieutenant Colonial Orphius- The First of the Grey Patriots created after spending years of his life in the military before the Apocalypse, he was sent to the secret base in (classified) central America to be put into the Patriot operation through which he was put in cyro-genic freezing until the Apocalypse hit and cut the power to his tube. Learning of this new world he now explores he has set about reclaiming America and returning it to it's rightful power. He wears the LU32 Heavy Barrage suit which give's him more protection in the line of fire while sending his own hell with the RXAR which is a Explosive 50 round mag assault rifle with 400 rounds per minute and a silver blue laser sighted Bedrad shotgun with APR.

  • Captain Hughquay- The 52nd Grey Patriot created, created for Bio-Warfare situations he has every anti-virus to every virus ever made giving him full protection to even a nuclear blast but from the benefits comes a great consequence. His skin has rotted of the bone which is now replaced with a AX proto-skin which acts like artificial flesh, He wears full HR200 armoured Bio-suit which is more of a coverage than for Biological reasons, he wields a type II mark V BERN sub Machine gun that uses SIER virus rounds which disintegrates living flesh from the inside with a close combat wrist gun which fire a needle which injects people with Acid.

  • 1st Lieutenant Westheimer- The 84th Patriot created, He is a supreme strategist, he has been in every situation from thermo-nuclear explosion threats to Assassinations of Leaders. Westheimer has proven valuable to the team through his exploits, he wears a light weight Hydra Suit which makes him more manuverable and flexible while taking off the Armour, he uses a Reclaimer SMG which is a 600 rounds a minute with Hydrogen bullets, he also has Hydrogen Grenades.