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"Me? Scared? Ha! I am about 10 times fitter than you, my sword is 10 times stronger than your flimsy armor, AND I am British.You do the math"

—Jordan to a wasteland hijacker

Jordan Park is one of the best vampire hunters of Arcos city, although her name is largley unknown to the bulk of the wasteland's population, her fighting skills are a sight to behold. She is also a honored member of the "Brethren of the Black Forge".

Jordan is most famed for her deceptive skills, which also play a large part on her personality. She seems calm, naive and cute on the outside, but once prevoked is nothing but a ruthless, backstabbing killer.

Jordan Park


5' 11"





Ethnical Background:




Full Name:

Jordan Amy Park

Home City:

Arcos City




Vampire Hunter


Brethren of the Black Forge, Iron Talon Team

Early LifeEdit


Current DayEdit


Jordan has many aspects to her personality, she is described as "Selfish", "Ruthless", a "Control freak", and even "Evil", these claims are said at exactly the same

A sketch of Jordan, fully armed.

frequency of her "Amazing fighting skills". She has no intention whatsoever of awakening her spiritual potential, rather she is determined to perfect the art of melee and ranged combat.

Jordan treats all other people as "henchmen", treating them with no respect whatsoever. The only exceptions include the two other members of her team, she absolutley loathes Og Brindoolok, possibly because he uses spiritual power, or simply because he isn't caucasian. At the polar opposite however, she seems to like Dante Steel for no apparent reason. Both Jordan and Dante will usually end conversations when this subject is talked about, which is always a subject of interest by the curious.



A troubled Jordan Park



Unlike the other two "stubborn" members of her team Jordan prefers to use new and the latest equipment available in Arcos City, and any other merchant she comes across. She always seems to try out her new weapons several months after she buys them. According to some, she needs to "get used to them". Her current list of equipment include:


(MAP-MP - Magnetic Armour Piercing Machine Pistol) A pre-apocalypse weapon, this pistol is the only gunpowder reliant weapon in Jordan's inventory, which fires 8mm rounds at 400 rounds per minute. It is the only one of it's kind that ever survived the apocalypse, serving part of a set of five identical, unique pistols, rumored to be used by five high-ranking Chinese military generals for security purposes.

The laws of physics prevent a rapid fire MAP weapon from even existing with a barrel of such a small size, and yet it still functions perfectly.

MKVI Phase SwordEdit