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A mysterious race of extreterrestrial beings that appeared after the fall of humanity. Though they are very rarley seen by most humans before the fall, one reliable account mentions "They mysteriously drifted from the skies in their golden shuttles, bringing forth 100

How the Mok'aurazan appear today.

individuals that want to unify humanity and to bring them back from death once again"

However reliable or not that this quote is, the frequency of other paranormal occurences has increased on earth by a shocking percentage.



Cave paintings depicting scenes of supernatural beings, eerily similar to the Mok'aurazan.


Cave Paintings Cave paintings depicting scenes of supernatural beings, eerily similar to the Mok'aurazan...

John Duske carries a mysterious weapon, in fact it is the only weapon that he will not sell. Believed to be of extraterrestrial origin. (See: Ghost's Dart)

Mars --

Other Planets A Crashed


At about 10,000 BC, the Mok'aurazan appeared on earth. Seeing that this simple race was destined to die in the fire of it's own violence, they unified them, they taught humanity how to farm, to build the pyramids, and thats where the idea of "angels" and "gods" appear in ancient religions. But this time humanity have a fear of the unknown, and therefore are hostile to these guys. But this time, the alien's ideas of portraying gods wont work, and will eventually have to learn to have to use force.