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"Waste my time again and i'll turn you into a steamed toastie for the horrors in my closet... and trust me, those little buggers are hungry!"


Og Brindoolok is probably the most powerful spirit mage at the disposal of Arcos City and the Brethren of the Black Forge. His ability to cast the dark tendrils of the nether are nothing but legendary, so great in fact that many religions have cast their eyes towards him, examples including devout Hindus believing him as the returned form of Krishna to save humanity once again.

It is rumored that Og is possibly the most powerful living spirit mage on earth.

Og Brindoolok







Ethnical Background:



Unknown, possibly Jamaican because of accent

Full Name:

Og Enduu'ra Acaya'ran Yuu Brindoolok

Home City:

Arcos City


Spiritual Mage




Brethren of the Black Forge, Iron Talon Team

Early LifeEdit


A newer sketch of Og (2011)

Current DayEdit


Og is a laid-back, relatively peaceful and maybe even lazy character with a great sense of rather black humor. He does however, unlike most people that share his personality, loves to resort to

A sketch of Og using his spiritual power.

violence to solve difficult situations, or even to add emphasis to a joke.

He and Dante Steel have been rivals since childhood, who basically go to any lengths to out-do eachother. An example of this rivalry can be demonstrated through one paticular incident, where Dante was making fun of Og's ability to attract women, mentioning "Well if he could take off that bloody mask of his he'd probably have a chance!", immediatley after Dante was found writing in pain on the floor, and Og fiddling with a clay manikin in his hands.

Even though Og is a great spirit mage, he has known to mention on many times about the great psykers of the Mok'aurazun, and that his powers are nothing but dust compared to their wrath.



Og has a very unique assortment of extremley rare equipment.

  • Vroolak Spirit Mask
A mask carved from "spirit wood", a tree that, although extremely rare, had survived the apocalypse completely intact, untouched from radiation.
The mask is adorned in bright, swirling colours that change in accordance to the moon cycles. The mask conceals Og's identity so that it may not be used against him, (Psychically, or otherwise), and channels passive psychic power.
  • Borrash Spirit Totem
A staff carved from the same material as Og's mask, and adorned with sapphires infused with vengeful ancestral souls, which channels and amplifies any form of defensive and offensive psychic power.
The staff also has an ornately carved wolf bone blade attached for melee-based psychic power.

Relations with other Notable PersonsEdit