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A mech-warrior project that was based off the the Z.E.U.S Project to provide the Moon with its own force of Chimeras.

Project Manticore

Force Type

Special Mech Forces


2500-3000 Chimeras

Pre-Apocalypse Function:

Research and devolopment of the Chimera for the UILS


Base Fifty-One

Primary Functions

Protecting the Moon and developing new weaponry

Year of Inception



To freedom, cast the Terrans aside!


Makorav Trotsky

Research Type

Classified Mech Weaponary





Manticore SuitsEdit

The Manticore was a Mech-Suit designed by Lunite engineers at Base Fifty-One. Manticore Patterns of Chimera are vastly diffirent from the Hydrus Suits that were developed on Earth. The key differences being a lighter design of armour consisting mainly of titanium plates reinforced with kevlar and carbon fibres. The Manticores also feature more secure air tight cockpits and greater air pressure control. Magnets are also used to partially simulate Earth gravity, allowing the Manticores to be piloted with greater ease. The Manticore, like the Hydrus uses similar sensory and nervous systems and Chimeran pilots also require exoskeletons and the genetic enchancements bestowed by the Colossus Strand. Manticores also concentrate more heavily on energy weapons rather than bio-weapons or solid-round weapons due to the temperatures and gravity conditions found on the Lunar landscapes.

Manticore BasiliskEdit

Manticore CerberusEdit

Manticore PegasusEdit

Manticore TaurosEdit

The standard Manticore Suit which utilises thick armour plates of titanium, kevlar and carbon fibres and a large range of weaponry from the energy caster and the hex-canon. Other features of these suits include a number of several hard points where equipment can attached so that the Tauros can be prepared to deal with any situation, though somewhat lighter and faster than the Colossus, its sensory systems, while advanced, are not as powerful as the strongest sensors deployed the Hydrus Suits.