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The Severe Situation Response Unit or in short the S.S.R.U, is a unit of the Farland Army Corps. The unit is

A standard S.S.R.U trooper


25 standard troops and 5 specialised troops

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Farland Army Corps


Commander R. Schultz

comprised of five squadrons of 6 troops. The unit was part of a project created as an attempt to help reduce the amount of outlaws and tribal conflicts in the Black desert area. The project was a huge flop with the tribes only being more aggravated and the outlaws cooperating together to help take down the unit.


The leader of the S.S.R.U was Commander R. Schultz ,a former F.A.C commander , Schultz was a committed and strong leader but aside from being a great leader Schultz was a soulless and cruel and would often torture the tribals unnecessarily. A lot of the commander's followers disagreed with his harsh ways. This began what would be the seeds of revolution with the S.S.R.U.S.S.R.U code of conduct required that all troops follow direct orders from their commanders without hesitation this lead to many problems the most famous of these being the disagreement between Schultz and Horwitz over a young Fazzari tribe. Horwitz believed that the Fazzari should have a second chance at life and could change their ways but Schultz believed the Fazzari should be exterminated before they could case any more damage . Horwitz abandoned his post and gathered others that agreed with him. After Horwitz and his followers left the S.S.R.U was declared out of action and it's remaining troops were dismissed from their posts. Though it is not certain it is assumed that the dismissed troops would much longer on go on to join the Watikari tribe.

Standardised EquipmentEdit

Every S.S.R.U troop was set with standard issue Fren Mark XIV combat armour but the unit had different helmets from regular F.A.C troops in that they were specifically designed for the task. The "Sweat Bucket" as it was often known was designed to allow movability and agility whilst at the same time offering intense protection, fitted with a Jiln Anti-Magnet field. The field would provide protection from Hineronium which in the large doses, which the S.S.R.U would come in contact with during their trips through the mines. But the generally bulking design of the "Sweat Bucket" meant that the experience of wearing the helmet was comparable to sticking one's head inside an oven.