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A Western Slythine Rat

The Slythine Rat ( Rattus Slythinus) is an evolved relative of the common Brown Rat. Hostile conditions and large masses of Hineronium in their habitat changed forced the rats to form a thick coat of fur and rough skin in order to survive. The rats flourished in the series of Hineronium mines throughout the Black Desert and are a constant threat to any scavengers attempting to pillage the mines.


Slythine Rats generally have a thick woolly coat of brown fur. Variations of this have been found throughout the Black Desert including several reports of Scaled Slythine rats around the Ohn forest areas. Slythines have powerful jaws with 2 rows of sharp teeth it is assumed that these are used to open the case of the Rerena Cactus seed which the Slythine have been known to eat. Upon dissection it was discovered that the rats don't have a typical system