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Horwitz Map

The Horwitzs' map of the Black desert area

The Black desert is the large wasteland far east of Garonsthrope. The desert is the home front of the Great tribal wars which occurred from 2889 to 3098. The desert got it's name from the fact that it

Cartography of the DesertEdit

The desert has been relatively well travelled with many cartographers mapping it's vast landscape but many find the simplistic and crude map of the Black desert created by the Watikari founder Abraham Horwitz and his 2nd son Robert Horwitz who after wandering the desert and getting a sense of the local tribal life. One they had settled in Falcrom they began work on creating a map that would give wastelanders coming across the desert a fighting chance of knowing who to avoid.

Pre Fall Edit

The desert used to be a hotspot for mining pre fall as it had large amounts of the mineral Hineronium. But after the much discussion it occurred that projects in other areas would prove to be more efficient and less hazardous to it's workers. After the fall many of the miners still stationed at the Black desert stayed and eventually became part of what is known as the Coorgan tribe.The Black desert was once declared as a no man's land to any travellers and these laws were heavily enforced until F.A.C forces had to pull troops to fight in the ongoing conflict in Garonsthrope.

Post ArgenthraughtEdit

After the tribal wars died out with the Fazzari on top the desert has become a place of housing projects set up by the Fazzari government which changed for the better after winning the tribal wars. The Black desert is now a more roundabout liveable place as the Fazzari as well as destroying the other tribes has also eradicated any form of crime outside of Fazzari affairs. The desert's Hineronium mines have housed a large population of Slythine rats which plagued the local area from 2978 onwards, the Fazzari have reduced the Slythine population but has not removed them completely. The council of Warshfur declared the Black desert as a place of re-establishing society and often have it's members patrol the area.