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A standard Watikari tribesman in his S.S.R.U helmet

The Watikari tribe is a tribe of former S.S.R.U troops who were either exiled or abandoned their posts due to personal politics and morals. The Tribe's founder, Field General Horwitz, decided to leave the S.S.R.U when he was ordered to destroy the weakened Fazzari tribe. Horwitz believed that the wastes could be more than a place of hostility and war, that he could foster a cultured civilisation in a rather uncivilised world. As such he found supporters in his fellow troops and decided to wander the wastes in search of people who also shared his views. For almost 5 years he wandered around the Black desert and eventually came across what would become Falcrom . Horwitz established the tribe as the Watikari or "The Peaceful" in the tribal tongue, he than opened his town gates to all weary travellers who needed hospitality. The Watikari provided support to both the Zarthon and the Fazzari when they decided to fight against each other after a few major disagreements. This neutral stance the Watikari took proved how peaceful they truly were. But the Watikari's pacifist ways would eventually be their downfall as the Fazzari would eventually destroy their current hometown of Falcrom, leaving them homeless, poor and wounded, they had no choice but to keep moving further into the Black desert. The Watikari haven't been seen since but their fate is surrounded by many myths and legends, the most popular and most reasonable of these is that the Watikari eventually made it to the Black sea and eventually sailed over to Garonsthrope, but any evidence of this would be long gone. All that is certain of the Watikari is that they inspired many forces in the wastes to attempt to move forward towards change including motivating the council of Warshfur to take place.