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Zorthan Symbol

The Zarthon which stands for "The Weak" is the name that was given to the Zarthon by the other tribes who looked down on the Zarthon as the weakest of the 5 tribes which would technically be true as they are the smallest and most poorest of the tribes but the name came from the fact that the Zarthon have lost every battle they have ever participated in.


The Zarthon are the tribe with the most unknown background as the only records that would've had any information about the history of the tribe would have been lost when a large part of the Zarthon home camp was set alight by Fazzari scouts. But it is known that the Zarthon and the Quarn were once the same tribe but split after the Wahr and the Kib family had a dispute over a suspected burglary with the Wahr forming the Zarthon and the Kib forming the Quarn. It is also known that the Zarthon were the first tribe to abandon the technology ban installed by the Code of the Coorgan.


The Zarthon focused less on combat and more on advancing technology with one of their major focuses being the development of Zarth-Arm ( The Weak in Strength) a specifically designed armour system that would have been the most advanced project attempted by the Zarthon. The Zarth-Arm was supposed to have ended the Zarthon's feud with the Quarn by merely out powering them . The armour system was designed to run off vast temperature changes and solar radiation the two things that were most common in the Black desert, and it was supposed to use this energy to create a type of force field around the armour system that would have been powerful enough to ward off bullets and even missiles. The armour was also supposed to be fitted with Class 4 Gatling guns powerful enough to rip through bulletproof metal in under 0.45 seconds. But sadly the development of such technology was brought to a halt during the great drought of 2889 when the focus of most scientists was towards a reliable water source, but blueprints of the design still remain, but any plans to recreate the Zarth-Arm would prove pointless as even more advanced technology had already been procured by 3042.

Fall of the ZarthonEdit

The Zarthon was the first of the tribes to fall away primarily due to it's prime position in the centre of the Black desert which meant it was the target of several skirmishes and was the setting of the battle of Hurntrat which destroyed a large part of their home camp. Even with powerful technology the Zarthon were no match for any of the other tribes and eventually faded off the map.